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Top 5 reasons to replace your Digital marketing specialist with a marketing agency

Unsure of hiring an agency? Companies often associate marketing agencies with huge brands.

There is a common misconception with agency vs in-house hires. Here are 5 top reasons why companies now hire marketing agencies instead of full time employees to do the job:

1. Value for money: An average digital marketing specialist with 1-3 years of experience charges $60/hour at the very minimum. There are several hidden costs that include perks, employee benefits, 401k, stocks, and other discreet expenses that drive up the overall CTC of the employee to USD 120K or more. Unfortunately, these insights are typically overlooked by employers. The good news is that a growing number of companies now consider hiring a marketing agency at a fraction of the cost with far less liability.

2. Level of expertise: Agencies hire people with diverse backgrounds - SEO Experts, SEM Specialists, Web Developers, Social Media Managers, and Product marketing managers among others. In the absence of agencies, this is a full fledged marketing division with a minimum of 5 full time employees with 1-3 years of experience at an entry-level. Add in overheads and resources for training, retaining and managing employees, and you will be glad with your decision to hire an agency.

3. Access to cutting-edge tools: Unlike in-house hires that are dependent on the company’s internal tools and resources, agencies have access to multiple products and softwares that will help you execute your marketing vision across multiple platforms and channels in a seamless and hassle-free manner.

4. Scale: Perhaps one of the best advantages of hiring an agency is the ability to scale quickly. Agencies are able to adapt quickly to the organizations’ dynamic goals. It is critical that the digital org at the company is large enough to handle the growing demands of the company’s rapid growth. Hiring full-time resources takes time and effort and may not be the most optimum solution for companies that are constantly innovating to suit their consumer needs.

5. Accountability: Agencies run multiple campaigns on a daily basis and are experts in most industries. With their power-packed team and resources, you can successfully execute your marketing goals. Most agencies will also provide custom-reporting and you can work with them to see positive results.

If you do decide to hire an agency, we are tactical in our approach and it is our mission to bring our clients the freshest and the most innovative possibilities regardless of the channel. We are a full-service agency and the only digital marketing agency you will ever need! Get your FREE consultation today!

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